Down With Us

Down With Us

Check out who rates Negrete, and who is down with us.


Check out where Negrete has been whoring itself in the Media….

Itchy (Click to see feature)

Triple love from the student bible

Feed me cool shit (Click to see feature)

Knowers of cool shit, recognise the new season and my gosh, they likey

Stuff Magazine (Click to see feature)

Stuff is still feeling Negrete, this time it’s Diego.

Nuts Magazine (Click to see feature)

Mucky Men’s comic enjoys Don.

Love your tshirt Blog (Click to see feature)

World renowned tee blog hails the Negrete new season.

Communitee UK(Click to see feature)

Wicked tee bloggery enjoys the Negrizzle vibe and new season.

Tee Junkie (Click to see feature)

Online t-shirt connoisseur bigs up the Negrete “Shoebomber”.


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Customer Testimonials
Good service? Mate, it’s the shiznit with spam fritters it’s so good. Ace new Kilo tee. Delivered less than 24 hours after I ordered it, quality comp slip, fizzy cola bottles, awesome tee. Wicked. I’ll be back……


Quality garment, quality service. A smile and a nod from all those who see it. A smile in agreement a nod of approval, its noticed check it. I’ll be back for more.


I am a man of leisure. Super Bock Games. Human Plough is my hero. Believe.


Got the tees today, well impressed, they look sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Loving the whole vibe.


The New season is gravy lads…the Triple Tag is proving a proper hit down the discotheque!


Before buying and wearing my tee from Negrete people would just spit or shout at me. Now they carry me on their shoulders & lay praise to Negrete and me. Live the dream…Negrete!

Nick Wells

I have to say, hand on heart, that Negrete apparel responds better to man-sweat in these muggy summer climes than any other garments I own. Must be quality fabrics or something, not sure. Though after a cheeky 25 mins jog one can mingle confidently with one’s peer group without fear of pungent offence.


Keep up the good work and the class designs.

Tim Rob

Took the Rubix Cuban to Ibiza recently, and it was very well received by those in the know, and by many of those off their head on Bora Bora Beach. Will be back for more.


Delivered about 48 hours after I ordered. Great tee. Mental complimentary slip. Free bag of Cola Bottles. F*cking tremendous.


Shoebomber is the best t-shirt I’ve ever worn. Simple as. Gets plenty of attention, but its all good!



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